Unitsky String Technology Met RSW TR at Eurasia Rail Fair

Eurasia Rail Fuarı Еуразиялық теміржол жәрмеңкесі Eurasia Rail Fair

Unitsky String Technology Met RSW TR at Eurasia Rail Fair

Unitsky String Technology, which offers innovative transportation solutions, participated in Eurasia Rail Fair held in Istanbul between 21-23 June 2023. Along with RSW TR Board of Directors, AKVIL President Metin GENÇ, KİİMDER President Engin KARADAĞ, Vice President Ersin KOÇAK, RSWTR Regional Manager Şadan ALSANCAK and others visited the exhibition area.

Unitsky String Technology’s leading products and solutions were exhibited at Eurasia Rail Fair. RSW TR Chairman Anush Sargsyan and Uscovery DMCC Oleg Zaretskiy gave detailed information to the visitors about the innovative projects of Unitsky String Technology. Unitsky String Technology’s participation in the exhibition attracted the attention of participants who follow the latest technological developments in the transportation sector and pay attention to innovation.

“Unitsky String Technology’s participation in the Eurasia Rail Exhibition provided us with the opportunity to get acquainted with the important developments in the airborne rail transportation sector. Such events are of great importance for us to come together with our business partners to follow the innovations in the sector and to evaluate cooperation opportunities. The solutions offered by Unitsky String Technology are a source of inspiration for our projects.”

After the Eurasia Rail Fair, Kiimder President Engin Karadağ and Vice President Ersin Koçak invited RSWTR management and Oleg Zaretski, manager of Unitsky String Technology company, to a meeting to examine the products of Unitsky String Technology and to evaluate the possibilities of cooperation and a meeting was organized on how Unitsky String Technology’s products can be used in Turkey. Kiimder delegation met with experts from the company and received detailed information about Unitsky’s innovative transportation solutions.

Kiimder declared their readiness to cooperate in this regard.

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