About Inventor and Developer

Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy

YUNITSKY RAIL TRANSPORT Project Developer, Mr. Yunitskiy is the CEO of Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. Author of more than 140 inventions, 18 scientific monographs, more than 220 scientific articles. He is the inventor of the technology system of rocket-free transportation into space, transportation and development. Member of the USSR Cosmonautics Federation, Academician and Academician of the Russian Public Academy of Natural Sciences.


1) Rail Transportation System Engineer
2) Infrastructure structure designer


1) 2 gold medals from All-Russian Exhibition Center
2) It has twice received the golden car award and 3 times the gold level award for the transportation project of the year.
3) 30 diplomas from international competitions

Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy

Managing Director of Global Transport Investment Inc.