About Us

Our Mission

– Improving the socio-economic conditions of ARSW participants in a constantly evolving and changing economic / financial world.
– Application and utilization of innovative technologies.
– Creating an environment of cooperation based on mutual benefit, Being a new generation trading platform.
– An alternative method of share-based partnership.
– Being a platform that combines material and spiritual values.
– Being a platform that works on solidarity, solidarity and social aid.
– Being a platform that gives a better and more prosperous standard of living to present and future generations.

Our Vision

– Profit from the increase in value on the trading platform in parallel with the absolute increase in capital.
– Passive income from the controlled increase of the market value on the stock exchange.
– Passive income from the increase in the value of Metallic, Gold and Platinum CMC packages.
– Passive and active income from projects based on participation and status.
– Earnings based on the usage of the business platform.
– Generation of advertising and commercial revenues (market, fairs, conferences, competitions, sweepstakes, new investments and social funds, etc.).

1) Providing you with the best information to protect and invest the money you have.
2) On-line and off-line trainings to increase your financial and investment knowledge.
3) Creating a guaranteed and reliable high-profit investment framework.
4) Provide support to all our clients.

1) To realize the plans and targets of Arsiwi Rail Transportation Systems, which aims to be the transportation trend of the future.
2) To prepare this environment for everyone who wants to work with the Arsiwi project.
3) To ensure that our customers and partners achieve the maximum possible gains.

1- This transportation system covers a large part of the world market
2- Remaining connected to existing transportation and infrastructure complexes
3- Enabling easy access to hard-to-reach underground resources
4- No restriction in movement and capabilities even in very difficult natural conditions