New Collaboration Between SANKON and Bangladesh

SANKON ve Bangladeş Arasında Yeni İşbirliği New Collaboration Between SANKON and Bangladesh Neue Zusammenarbeit zwischen SANKON und Bangladesch Новое сотрудничество между SANKON и Бангладеш SANKON мен Бангладештің Жаңа Ынтымақтастығы SANKON и Бангладеш SANKON und Bangladesch

New Collaboration Between SANKON and Bangladesh

Ferudun Cevahiroğlu Welcomes the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ankara

SANKON (Confederation of Industrialists and Businesswomen) President, Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu, welcomed the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ankara. This meeting was held with the aim of strengthening economic and trade relations between Turkey and Bangladesh.

Upcoming Online Conference and Bangladesh Visit

In the near future, SANKON will organize an online conference. This conference will allow Turkish and Bangladeshi businesspeople to evaluate cooperation opportunities between the two countries. Following the conference, a delegation of Turkish businesspeople, accompanied by SANKON representatives, will make an official visit to Bangladesh. This visit is crucial for deepening trade relations and signing new cooperation agreements between the two countries.

Renewal of Agreements

During the meeting, agreements made with the former Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ankara were renewed by the new Ambassador. This renewal aims to update existing agreements and enhance cooperation between the two countries. The renewed agreements focus on facilitating trade and promoting mutual investments.

Collaboration with ANUŞ SARGSYAN and RSW TR

SANKON President Ferudun Cevahiroğlu was accompanied by ANUŞ SARGSYAN, Chairman of the Board of RSW TR, during the meetings. SARGSYAN emphasized that RSW TR would play a significant role in developing trade relations between Turkey and Bangladesh. He stated that the visit to Bangladesh would present great opportunities for businesspeople from both countries and that RSW TR fully supports this cooperation.

Role and Goals of SANKON

SANKON, one of Turkey’s leading confederations of businesswomen and industrialists, actively works to develop trade relations between Turkey and other countries. This meeting with Bangladesh and the planned visits are part of SANKON’s goal to increase international cooperation. SANKON aims to offer new markets to its members and contribute to Turkey’s economic growth.

Trade Relations Between Turkey and Bangladesh

Trade relations between Turkey and Bangladesh have shown significant improvement in recent years. The trade volume between the two countries has been continuously increasing, thanks to agreements and cooperation projects. Bangladesh’s growing economy and Turkey’s strong industrial sector offer great opportunities for both countries.

Future Plans and Expectations

The online conference organized by SANKON and the subsequent visit to Bangladesh are expected to further strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries. Turkish businesspeople will seek new investment opportunities in Bangladesh and work to expand existing collaborations. Following this visit, SANKON expects an increase in the trade volume between Turkey and Bangladesh.

The acceptance of the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ankara by SANKON President Ferudun Cevahiroğlu and the planned events are seen as important steps for the future of cooperation between Turkey and Bangladesh. Strengthening trade relations between the two countries will contribute to the economic growth of both nations. SANKON will continue to support its members and the Turkish business community throughout this process.

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