Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dear Investors, Members and Business Partners,

It is with great excitement and a sense of pride that I am here to share a piece of news with you. Our company offers not only a financial investment, but also the opportunity to be part of a community driven by the vision of making dreams come true.

Our company is at an important crossroads regarding our holiday village project. As each of you knows, travel and vacation experiences are an important part of our lives. In this context, I am very happy to open the doors of a very special project for you.

Our holiday village project represents a lifestyle beyond just a vacation. In the lap of nature, this holiday village, where luxury and comfort come together, not only promises a pleasant vacation, but also offers a unique opportunity to our investors. At the heart of this project lies first-class service, sustainability and innovation.

As the team behind our token, we are not only looking for financial success. We also have a responsibility to contribute to the development of our community and the environment. This project gives us the chance to deepen that responsibility even further.

Our holiday village will support local economies while promoting a life in touch with nature. Driven by the principle of sustainability, this project aims to respect the environment and protect natural resources. These values are the foundation of our company and symbolize our commitment to leave a better world for future generations.

You, our esteemed investors, are traveling with us in this exciting phase of our project. I believe that as we grow together with our business partners, employees and community, we will further increase our success.

Thank you for supporting us in this project. I am sure that together with you, we will realize our dreams and walk to a brighter future.

Best regards,


RSW TR Chairman of the Board