Transportation in the Region

High Speed UniBus

Speed: 500 km/h

Passenger Count: 20-100

– Ground Clearance: 30-50 meters

– Column Length: 6-10 meters

– Suitable for all weather conditions.

– Accident risk is 0%.

– Provides a comfortable and safe travel experience.


– Safe and Reliable.

– Harmonizes with the existing infrastructure of each city. Stations can be combined with shopping centers, office spaces or residential buildings.

– Fast transportation without traffic jams.


– Minimal use of land, no mounds, pits, water pipelines, forest clearings, etc.

– Possibility to build in unprotected ecosystems (permafrost, tondura, taiga forests, mountains, deserts, continental shelves, etc.)

– Significant reduction of resource utilization

– Increased energy (fuel) efficiency of the processing material and reduced noise level

– Protecting the existing landscape, ecosystem, and living things.


– Road construction with less cost

– Several times reduced operating costs (fuel/energy, service personnel, depreciation deduction and recycling time)

– Freight transport volume at rail level

– Reducing the cost of transportation several times compared to tram and metro

– Recovery of construction costs within 3-5 years.


– Nano industry technology

– TV, radio and multimedia communication

– Building passenger and freight transportation network infrastructure by combining other alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy

– Changing global logistics and logics of human societies

Improved Safety

– Ten times more robust road line reserves

– High resilience against terrorist acts

– Clear logistics area unaffected by adverse weather conditions

– System that reduces traffic accidents by up to 1000 times (human deaths and injuries, domestic and wild animals)

– Safety will become much higher than air transportation with SKYWAY Transportation Technologies.


– The track structure of SKYWAY Transportation Technologies roads is 30-40 million USD/km cheaper than railways, monorails and highways.

– Unibus is 4-6 times more economical than high-speed railways traveling at 360 km/h and 15-20 times more economical than racing cars.

– It is 2-3 times more economical in reducing the cost of wagons and locomotives.

-Station, station and warehouse for the same volume of transportation; much cheaper than railways and airlines

– SKYWAY Transportation Technologies line structure has the same carrying capacity:
* 20-30 times that of the underground subway,
*15-20 times more than monorails, above-ground mini-subway and high-speed rail,
*2-3 times cheaper than road transportation.

Tasting Capabilities

SPEED : 300 Km/h
FUEL EXPENDED : 0,5-0,8 liter/100 passenger
LINE COST : 1,5-2 million USD/km