Arsiwi & Egeocity


By adopting a high-tech integrated air transport system, the Arsiwi & EgeoCity project will provide a transportation solution that adds value to all phases of the project. This innovative air-rail transportation project will bring an environmentally friendly and impressive transportation experience to the region.

PROJECT DETAILS: The project includes an air transportation system, taking into account the geographical structure and terrain of the region. High-tech transportation vehicles will provide fast and efficient transportation to the desired points within the project. In this way, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to easily discover all the beauties of the project.

ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TRANSPORTATION: The air transport project will provide an environmentally friendly transportation alternative, eliminating traffic problems in the region and preserving the ecological balance. Electrically powered transport vehicles will offer a sustainable transportation solution by reducing carbon emissions to zero.

ENJOYMENT OF LANDSCAPE AND NATURE: The project will provide an ideal solution to the hilly terrain, offering residents a pleasant aerial transportation experience instead of walking. In this way, residents will have the freedom to move around the area while enjoying the sea and nature views.

Arsiwi & EgeoCity Air Transport Project will enhance the quality of life of the project and offer residents a unique lifestyle by providing a modern and environmentally friendly transportation experience that adds value to the region.


The ARSİWİ & EgeOsity project is a unique project, consisting of 6 phases, offering a tremendous tourism experience. This text will focus specifically on the beach part of ARSİWİ&EgeOsity and will introduce a 126,608 m² parcel of land surrounded by pine trees, in perfect harmony with the sea.


The beach part of ARSİWİ & EgeOsity has a unique connection with the sea and is home to the 4-star tourist resort DENİZATI HOLIDAY VILLAGE, which has been in operation since 1979. This natural paradise is an essential part of a fascinating project under the ARSİWİ & EgeOsity brand.


The land is home not only to accommodation but also to MONKEYPARK, Turkey’s first adventure and adrenaline park. This shows that the project appeals not only to those who want to relax, but also to those seeking adventure.


In addition, HIPOCAMP, one of Turkey’s most modern campgrounds, which has been operating since 1979, offers guests a unique camping experience on the beach side of ARSİWİ&EgeOsity. This project, where the sea, nature and modern comfort come together, will completely change your understanding of vacation.
ARSİWİ & EgeOsity project offers an unforgettable holiday experience by combining natural beauties integrated with the sea, modern tourism facilities and adrenaline-filled activities. We look forward to meeting ARSİWİ & EgeOsity quality and service understanding in this unique project.


The EgeoBazaar project presents a new center of commerce in this enormous project, which covers an area of 43,059 m² and is planned as a commercial center. EgeoIBazaar is located at the intersection of the towns of Ürkmez, Gümüldür and Özdere, built on an 820 meter long parcel of land and located in the heart of this region.

PROJECT DETAILS: EgeoBazaar is designed as a Commercial Center full of shops, cafes, restaurants and social facilities, with a pulse of commerce. The project area is strategically located right next to the state road. This trade center is planned to serve the Ürkmez, Gümüldür and Özdere regions.

EASE OF TRANSPORTATION AND POTENTIAL: EgeoBazaar provides regular transportation in both directions with bus and minibus lines between the towns. The summer and winter population of these three towns creates a great potential for EgeoBazaar, while its proximity to the state highway provides ease of transportation.

VARIOUS COMMERCIAL AREAS: EgeoBazaar offers large leasable commercial spaces for chain brands and supermarkets, as well as smaller leasable commercial spaces for boutiques, tailors, jewelers, souvenir sellers, barbers, butchers, green grocers and stationers. These spaces also include offices for lawyers, insurers, accountants, doctors and dentists.

HEALTH AND SERVICE ALTERNATIVES: The project includes units for hobby workshops, as well as a polyclinic and ambulance service to provide health services. EgeoBazaar has the vision of becoming a center of attraction for the region along the coast from Doğanbey to Ahmetbeyli.

EgeoBazaar aims to provide a modern and vibrant commercial experience for residents and visitors by combining the dynamic rhythm of commerce with spacious trading areas and a variety of service options.


The Arsiwi & Egeo Apart Hotels project is a project that covers a large area of 38,109 m² and offers a perfect combination of tourism and commerce. This text will highlight the apart-hotels within the project and introduce the unique accommodation experience offered by the Arsiwi & Egeo Apart Hotels concept.

PROJECT DETAILS: This large plot of land is zoned TTA (Trade/Trade and Tourism Area) and has a use ratio of E: 0.45 for tourism buildings. The total construction area is planned as 17,149 m² for E: 0.45 use ratio. The Arsiwi & Egeo Apart Hotels concept includes accommodation units and apartments and offers a wide range of studio, 1+1 and 2+1 apartments.

COMFORTABLE ACCOMMODATION UNITS: The Arsiwi & Egeo Apart Hotels concept offers guests accommodation in studios, 1+1 and 2+1 apartments ranging in size from 25 – 60 m². This will be Egeocity Project’s affordable accommodation facilities and will aim to provide guests with a home-like experience.

ARCHITECTURAL AESTHETICS AND HIGH FLOOR OPPORTUNITY: The project offers the possibility to build up to 5 floors according to the E: 0.60 utilization rate. Height limits are set at E.045 and a maximum of 17.50 meters, giving the project an elegant and modern architectural aesthetic.

ARSIWI & EGEO APART HOTELS project aims to offer its guests an unforgettable vacation experience by offering modern and comfortable accommodation combined with the warm hospitality of the Aegean.


Arsiwi & Egeo Consept Villas is a residential project built on a large 137,817 m² plot of land with comfortable and aesthetic villas. This text introduces this exclusive living space designed with the concept of “Arsiwi & Egeo Consept Villas”, emphasizing the harmony of modern architecture and nature.

PROJECT DETAILS: This large plot of land with a land class of TKA (Commercial/Trade and Residential Area) has a utilization rate of E: 0.30 for residential buildings. The total construction area is planned as 41,345 m² for an E: 0.30 utilization rate. The “Arsiwi & Egeo Consept Villas” area offers a concept of 29-40 villas planned in modular groups, each with large swimming pools.

VILLA DESIGN: The “Arsiwi & Egeo Consept Villas” are architecturally unusual and have the essence of Mediterranean and European architecture. Apart from the monotonous structures, each villa is carefully designed and integrated with nature through lush landscaping.

LIVING STANDARDS: The “Arsiwi & Egeo Consept Villas” project represents high and advanced living standards. The 29 exclusive villas built in this project have already been sold to homeowners from Europe. The affordable cost of living and unique climate advantages in Turkey allow Europeans who own a home in Egeocity to spend long periods of time in Turkey.

CONCLUSION AND FUTURE: “Arsiwi & Egeo Consept Villas” combines the aesthetic richness of the Aegean, offering residents both a comfortable life and an atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of nature. The advantages offered by the Egeocity Project will continue to further raise the living standards in the region.


Arsiwi & Egeo Thermal Cure Center will be the meeting point for those seeking health, tranquility and regeneration. This project is a pioneer of thermal tourism structures, offering a concept that incorporates modern facilities and a variety of health services.

PROJECT DETAILS: The 27,034 m² of land is divided into commercial and tourism areas and has a utilization rate of E: 0.60 for thermal tourism content. The total construction area can reach up to 16,220 m² according to these utilization rates. The project is designed with a building permit for up to 5 floors with a maximum height of 17.50 meters.

THERMAL CURE CENTER: EgeoICure & Spa – EgeoIVeteran is the flagship section of the project and is home to tourism structures with thermal content on a total area of 27,034 m². The area has a unique combination of sea and thermal water, emphasizing the importance of thermal tourism.

CONTENT AND SERVICES: As part of the project, thermal water will be used in the medical section for physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments. An activity area for rest and relaxation will also be created. A wide range of services will be offered, including dental, eye, hair transplantation and cosmetic treatments.

GERIATRICS CENTER RESIDENCE: The Geriatrics Center Residence included in the project will be designed specifically for the needs of elderly residents. These residences, where health, comfort and social life are combined, will serve as part of the Thermal Cure Center.

Arsiwi & Egeo Thermal Cure Center is a project supported by Ege University Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This center aims to provide health, tranquility and re-energization and aims to make a significant contribution to the region in terms of health tourism.


In this phase of the Arsiwi & Egeo project, a school or faculty is planned to be built, which will bring a new dynamism to the commercial areas. Aparthotels and short-term rentals will provide accommodation for students during the winter months, as well as comfortable accommodation for tourists and visitors to the project area.

PROJECT DETAILS: The large 40,759 m² site has E: 0.45 for tourism buildings and E: 0.60 for Thermal Tourism Content. Two different scenarios have been considered: 24,455 m² building permit and up to 5 floors in height for tourism buildings with thermal content, or 18,341 m² building permit and up to 5 floors in height for tourism buildings without thermal content.

EDUCATION AND ACCOMMODATION: The school or faculty to be built in this phase of the project will add vitality to the area during the winter months and add a new dimension to the commercial areas. In addition, apart-hotels and short-term rentals will provide accommodation for students and quality accommodation for tourists and visitors.

TIMESHARE PROJECT: A timeshare project is also planned on this parcel. Timeshare is a model that offers its users the chance to stay for certain periods of time. This feature will enable the Thermal Cure Center to be adopted by a wider user base and accordingly contribute positively to the project’s revenue.

The Arsiwi & Egeo Education, Timeshare & Short Term Rental project aims to provide the region with a variety of opportunities for users in different sectors, with an innovative approach that addresses various needs.